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The National Centre for the Uplands is driving forward ambitious plans through co-operation with farmers and land-owners as well as organisations like The Farmer Network to piece together whole-valley and whole-moor demonstration areas that cover many 1000s of hectares in a single block.

By this method the National Centre for the Uplands aims to demonstrate through applied methodology how to deliver an exemplar of co-operative management that provides sustainable agriculture alongside improved public access, tourism, education, enjoyment, vegetation management and water purity to name but a few.

Scaled-up demonstration will highlight further areas requiring detailed research and will provide a platform for our partners to take forward the policy debate that will ensure we have uplands support that is fit for purpose.

Our society seeks a broad range of outcomes delivered by the uplands: from food and forestry to water and carbon management; from biodiversity and landscape to sporting, access and spiritual refreshment. To achieve all this, we need to enable farmers and other managers of upland assets to run vibrant businesses and help to motivate them to produce public benefits at the centre of upland communities.

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