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Financial Information

You'll find all the information about paying for accommodation here.


For the academic year 2019 -2020 the prices are:

Annual Cost Type of Room Catering Weekly Allowance
£4640 En-suite Option A £37.50
£5165 En-suite Option B £52.50

For those unable to pay the accommodation fee there are bursaries available which are assessed on household income. Newton Rigg Residential Scholarships are also available subject to eligibilty.  For details please see the Financial Help page or call Student Support Services on 01904 772201 for more information.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing it. By signing the accommodation agreement the student or parent / guardian undertakes to pay the published charges for accommodation.

If a student decides to leave accommodation for any reason, scholarships and grants used to pay for the accommodation will be withdrawn.


Ways to Pay

Students can pay the accommodation fee in one of two ways:

  • Total amount in advance

  • By 9 equal instalments - the first instalment is payable before the student arrives, the balance payable by 8 instalments between October and May.

Individual invoices will be sent out detailing the amount payable and the due dates for payment in line with your payment plan, taking into account any bursaries or scholarships awarded.

Students will also be able to pay via the College's new online store. Please click here to pay.


Leaving Accommodation

If a student wishes to leave accommodation before 2nd January 2019, he/she must now provide 2 calendar weeks notice in writing (letter or email) to the accommodation team, which to be valid notice, must expire on/by 1st January 2019.  If a student chooses to leave accommodation on or after 2nd January 2019, the student will be charged for the entire academic year, i.e. up to and including 21st June 2019. The changes to our terms and conditions can be found under student information- Accommodation.

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