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Current Students

If you are a current student please be aware of the following whilst staying in our accommodation:


If you are studying a Further Education course you may be required to completely clear your room during half terms, Christmas and Easter vacation periods. if you do need to vacate completely we endeavour to give you 2 weeks’ notice of this; you will need to leave on the last day of each term. All students at Newton Rigg WILL be required to completely vacate their rooms by 6.00pm on Friday 21 June 2019. After this time your key fobs will no longer work.

Holiday periods for 2018/2019 for FE students are as follows:

October Half Term 19 October 2018 – 4 November 2018
Christmas 21 December 2018 – 6 January 2019
February Half Term 15 February 2019 – 24 February 2019
Spring Holiday 29 March 2019 – 14 April 2019
Easter Weekend 18 April 2019 – 22 April 2019
May Half Term 24 May 2019 – 2 June 2019
May Bank Holiday 3 May 2019 - 6 May 2019
End of Academic Year 21 June 2019

You may return to your room the day before the start of a new term after 3.00pm.

Keys must be handed in at the end of the year or the cost of replacing the keys will be taken out of your deposit.

What if I want to leave accommodation early, what do I have to do and what do I need to pay?

Please note, if a student chooses to leave accommodation on or after 2nd January 2019, the student will be charged for the entire academic year, i.e. up to and including 21st June 2019. A refund of the deposit will be made (usually within 8 weeks from departure date) less any amount withheld in accordance with the accommodation agreement.


All repairs should be reported to either the Premises Department via the online portal on Moodle. All repairs will be dealt with as quickly as possible but some issues cannot be repaired by our own maintenance staff and we have to rely upon contractors to attend which can take longer to arrange.

What happens if I can’t pay for my accommodation?

If you are struggling to pay then speak to Student Support Services and Finance as soon as possible.

What happens if I stop paying for my accommodation?

If you default on payments or fail to comply with any arrangements made for paying your accommodation fees, we may bar access to your accommodation until either payment is received in full, or an acceptable alternative payment schedule is agreed with the Finance department.

What should I do if I lose my keys or fobs?

If you lose your keys or fobs you need to come to the Accommodation Office as soon as possible for them to be replaced and the fobs cancelled. The cost of a new set of keys or fobs is £30 and you will be sent an invoice for this amount.  If you have left your fob at home we will lend you a set of keys to be returned when you have brought your own set.

If you have issues with your fob not working correctly, also come to the Accommodation Office as soon as possible so we can resolve the issue for you.

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