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At Newton Rigg College Brambles Refectory is open for the use of staff and students daily.

The food is prepared on the premises by three chefs using local Cumbrian meat and when available game supplied by the Countryside Management Department. We use local suppliers for fresh produce. A three week cycle of menus is in operation ensuring we provide variety and cater for all tastes. Vegetarian options are always available and we cater for special diets. Each term we run theme nights and special promotions.

A full range of breakfasts, cakes, snacks, hot drinks, lunches, salad bar, healthy options and evening meals are available.Students who are living in accommodation on a half board basis will have a combined ID and food card that will automatically be loaded with £37.50 per week. This can be used by the student to purchase their food on Campus from the catering outlets. They can also use cash to supplement their £37.50 if necessary. Any balance remaining on the food card at the end of the summer term will not be refunded. 

You may be eligible for free meal entitlement if you or your parents receive benefits or allowances, please check the Financial Help pages for more information.

The Refectory is open at the following times:

Monday to Thursday:

8am to 6.00pm


8am to 5.30pm

(There is a 15 minute closure for cleaning at 5.45pm)


10.30am to 12.30pm

The majority of students go home at the weekends but some are required to stay to fulfil aspects of their course or because it’s too far to go home each weekend. If students wish to stay who are under 18, we ask that parental permission is given and they let us know if they are going to stay for the weekends. Please contact our Accommodation Office on 01768 893709 or by email.

Vending Areas

Vending areas are open 24 hours a day for the purchase of hot drinks, snacks, confectionery and bottled drinks.

Newton Rigg College,
CA11 0AH
01768 893400