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Additional Information

Please note the following guidance regarding our Student Accommodation:

Statutory Guidance

The management of residential accommodation provided at Askham Bryan College York and the campus at Newton Rigg College at Penrith is governed by guidance provided by The Government.

This is as follows for your information:

Please read:

National Minimum Standards of providing Accommodation of Students under eighteen by Further Education Colleges here

Keeping Children Safe in Education Statutory Guidance here

Living Essentials

Pillows, duvets, bed linen, towels, crockery, cutlery and pans are not provided in student accommodation. Students must provide their own bedding which must meet fire retardant standards (most modern duvets and pillows will meet these standards, please check the care label for this information).


There is a launderette on Campus with self-service commercial washing machines and dryers for use by the students. The cost is £2 per wash and £1 for one hours drying time. Students can collect laundry cards from the accommodation office at the start of the term.


There is a strict no smoking policy at College. Students must not smoke in College accommodation and must use the designated smoking areas within the College grounds. This includes electronic cigarettes.


All accommodation is cleaned once a week and the bins are emptied. The communal areas, including stairs and bathrooms, are cleaned daily.

TV Licence

Remember, if you bring a TV you will need a TV Licence which you can apply for once your hall name and number has been confirmed to you at the start of the year.

Car Parking

Those students bringing cars, motorbikes or mopeds on site can do so free of charge but will need to register their vehicle on enrolment. Everyone with a vehicle on site is required to comply with the car parking and safe driving regulations.


Please be aware that accommodation is for term time only. Students will not have access to their rooms outside published College term dates so during the holidays at half terms, Christmas, Easter and Summer students will be asked to clear their rooms completely. If their course requires them to attend a placement or other course related activity during the holiday and if their room is available they will be able to stay with the additional cost charged to the student for the time spent in accommodation.


The majority of our students go home at weekends but some are required to stay to fufill aspects of their course, or because it’s too far to go home each weekend. If students wish to stay who are under 18, we ask that parental permission is given and they let us know if they are going to stay for the weekends - this needs to be submitted to our Student Support Team by email.

College Accommodation is subject to the terms of the Annual Residential Accommodation Agreement which can be accessed here.

If you have any further queries please contact our Accommodation Office on 01768 893709 or by email.

Newton Rigg College,
CA11 0AH
01768 893400