Money Matters

FE Grants, Bursaries and Loans. These grants bursaries and loans are described in more detail in the downloads at the foot of this page, along with application forms including an application form for a residential grant if you are applying for accommodation on campus.

FE Grants, Bursaries and Loans

Askham Bryan College has a serious commitment to student welfare in a safe and supported environment. We recognise that there are costs associated with education and will do our utmost to help you within the limited funds that the college has available from the govenment. A student will not be prevented from achieving their potential due to a financial barrier.

Money Matters

These details are intended as an outline guide for UK and EU students planning to study on accredited further education, work based learning or degree courses. Assumptions have been made based on information available at the time of writing. You will be advised of any changes before you enrol.

For more detailed information please contact Student Support Services

Tel: 01904 772201

Further Education Courses

Your age is determined as that on 31 August of the year in which you intend to start your course.

Under 19?

Both tuition and registration are FREE.

19 or over?

It can be difficult to calculate what you might need to pay so please do contact us and we will provide all the help and advice we can.

Tuition fees

You do not have to pay tuition fees if you receive certain benefits or have certain personal circumstances. Please contact us for details of benefits which qualify. You may not have to pay tuition fees if you are under 25 and taking certain Level 2 qualifications and have not studied at this level or above before, eg the course you intend to take is covered by this support and, for Level 2 courses, you do not already have the equivalent of five GCSEs at Grade C or above.

Please contact us to find out if the course you are considering is covered under this support. There will be an additional charge for secondary (additional) qualifications included on full time programmes. If none of the above applies, you will need to pay tuition fees. At the time of writing tuition fees for 2013/2014 have not been set. Please contact us and we will send you details as soon as they are available.

Registration Fees

All students who are 19 or over may need to pay their own registrations fees, even if they are entitled to some free remission. Registration fees vary according to the course you take and are charged by the body that awards your qualification (eg NPTC, BTEC etc). These fees are payable only once, before the start of your course. 25 or over on Level 3 courses Please contact us to check eligibilty for funding, as funding is only available under certain circumstances.

Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships

Tuition is normally FREE if you are under 24, living in England and not already in full-time education. However, 19-24 year olds will have to pay awarding body fees. Over 24 year olds wishing to take advanced apprenticeship need to contact us to discuss eligibilty for funding as this depends on personal circumstances. Your age is determined as that of the time of commencing the course.

Higher Education Degrees

Higher Education tuition fees for new entrants is £6,000* per year across all Full-time Extended, Foundation, BSc and Top-up Degree courses and £4,000 for part time students. If you’re a full-time student studying on your first higher education course, you can get a government loan for your tuition fees. It is important to remember that you don’t have to pay for the cost of your tuition up front. The Government will provide the money up front for any eligible student in England who secures a place in higher education. You then take out a tuition loan which you start to repay when you are working and earning more than £21,000 a year.

* Please note tuition fees may be subject to an annual increase.

For further information on student finance

Important information for all students

Budgeting for additional costs

Whatever your age or the level of your course, you will need to budget for additional costs which you will need to cover yourself even if you are entitled to free tuition or other support. (Those on work based learning courses may be able to get some of these items provided by their employer.) We will provide you with details of what is required for each course before you enrol on your course.

Personal protective clothing and specialist equipment

Known as PPE this could include items such as steel toe capped boots, overalls, riding hats etc. For some courses such as forestry the cost of PPE can be high. For other courses you will need to purchase essential specialist clothing and equipment such as riding boots, jodhpurs, riding whips, tools etc. Some departments also have their own branded clothing which they encourage students to purchase; details will be provided at interview and in offer letters. You will also need to provide your own stationery, files, pens and pencils, calculator etc; some students also find a digital camera useful. You may need to buy certain books of your own, although the majority will be available in our Learning Resources Centre and/or the library of the centre where you study.


You may need to purchase special materials which are required on some courses: for example flowers, foliage and sundries for floristry courses.

Special trips and visits

You will need to contribute towards the costs of transport and pay admission fees for any external trips or visits to shows, attractions etc which you need to undertake as part of your course.

Campus Fee

This applies to all full time Further Education students (regardless of their age or eligibility for free tuition) who attend the campus as shown below. The campus fee covers the cost of your student ID badge, library card, parking permit if applicable, paper/print credits and keeping the campus clean
and tidy. Although details for 2013 are not yet available, as a guide fees for 2012 were: £75 if you study at the York campus on a full time course £35 if you study at the Wakefield campus but attend the York campus two days each week



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